The world’s most sustainable,
high purity aluminium products.

To support the transition to decarbonising technologies, the world needs high purity alumina (HPA). Our unique, hyper-efficient licensed Smart SX Technology enables us to produce sustainable ultra high purity aluminium products reflecting our commitment to decarbonisation and our vision to bring the whole world forward, together. We are green through ingenuity; we are Australia based and globally focussed. We are Alpha HPA.

HPA in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIB) are driving a revolution in energy storage and one of the key components is high purity alumina (HPA). HPA improves the batteries’ performance, reliability and safety – critical for electric vehicles, solar battery storage and consumer electronics.

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HPA in Synthetic Sapphire

Synthetic Sapphire is the impossibly perfect, scratch resistant face on a luxury Swiss wristwatch, Smartphone camera lens. It is sought after for its extreme hardness, high heat resistance and thermal conductivity. Wherever there’s a need for Synthetic Sapphire, there’s a demand for HPA as there is no substitute for HPA.

Our products
HPA LED Lighting

HPA is a key component in the evolution and global adoption of LED lighting systems and displays. Due to its exceptional thermal conductivity and an ultra pure surface, it’s used to produce LED sapphire substrates and aluminate phosphors (eg YAG and LuAG) which down convert blue LED light to the desired light spectrum.

Our products
Our Smart SX Technology

What makes our Smart SX Technology the most sustainable, high purity alumina process technology in the world? Watch our short video to find out.

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Our commitment to decarbonisation

Alpha HPA is unwavering in its commitment to global decarbonisation, corporate responsibility and a cleaner, greener world. Our Smart SX Technology is deliberately low in energy consumption, low in waste, and is the most sustainable process for producing high purity alumina in the world.

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