High Purity Alumina - Jan 8, 2024

Revolutionising the future of synthetic sapphire glass

Alpha HPA’s ultra-high purity alumina tablets, together with Ebner-Fametec’s proprietary crystal growth technology, have enabled Alpha Sapphire – a new company of Alpha HPA – the opportunity to produce synthetic sapphire glass. The Alpha Sapphire story is one of cutting-edge advancements and a commitment to providing green, energy-efficient solutions to meet the growing demands of high technology markets. Our mission is establishing ourselves as the world’s most sustainable, premium supplier of HPA and sapphire boule to the LED and optics markets.

The synthetic sapphire glass we aim to produce is manufactured with the world’s most sustainable, ultra-high purity alumina feedstock from Alpha HPA’s proprietary purification process. We produce >99.995% (4N5), high density sintered tablets made to bespoke shapes for synthetic sapphire growth. Check out our Gladstone-based automatic HPA tablet machine in action below!

As the world grapples with the challenges of a rapidly advancing technological landscape, Alpha Sapphire emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering sustainable solutions that redefine industry standards. The collaboration between Alpha HPA and Ebner-Fametec not only signifies a leap forward in materials science but also establishes Alpha Sapphire as a frontrunner in shaping the future of high technology markets.

The first phase of this collaboration is our investment in the purchase, installation and commissioning of an initial 2 x growth units. Delivery of the units to our HPA First Project is expected in January 2024, with sapphire qualification anticipated by July 2024. The second phase, subject to successful implementation of phase one, contemplates an expansion to up to 100 growth units by the end of 2025 in two further stages. The Nova Phase (third phase) contemplates an additional large-scale expansion of the Australia based sapphire growth purchase construction, installation and operation of up to an additional 1,000 synthetic sapphire growth units. It is anticipated that Alpha Sapphire, with this Gemstone Project, will become a significant customer of the HPA First Project in Gladstone, Queensland. Should Alpha Sapphire scale to reach Nova Phase (1,000 units), the business will consume between 3,000 and 4,000 tonnes of HPA per annum. Artist impression photos below.

Learn how we are aiming to custom engineer our sustainable synthetic sapphire glass to work perfectly for any application you have by reaching out to our Sales & Marketing Manager Derek Bogaert to find out more: hello@alphahpa.com.au

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