- May 17, 2023

Advancing Australia’s Green Energy Ambitions: Showcasing Innovation and Government Collaboration in Gladstone

We are grateful for the opportunity to host a site visit of our Gladstone Precursor Production Facility for the Australian Government’s Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth representatives Steve Georganas, Scott Buchholz, Dr David Gillespie, and their support staff Kate Portus and Adrian Daniel today.

The tour was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our world-first process and demonstrate the impact of our bespoke products which are critical components in the global decarbonisation effort, following our submission to the Committee’s inquiry into Australia’s transition to a green energy superpower.

Following the site tour, we provided an address to the Committee at a public hearing in Gladstone where we eagerly shared our ideas for fostering further growth and explored potential avenues for government support in propelling Australia towards its position as a dominant force in the realm of green energy.

We thank the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth for joining us in Gladstone, allowing us to showcase our innovative solutions and explore avenues for government support in advancing Australia’s green energy ambitions. We remain committed to pushing boundaries, harnessing innovation, and working closely with our partners to shape a productive and sustainable tomorrow.


Media contact: Ellie Blumel – eblumel@alphahpa.com.au or +61 (0) 448 122 948

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