- May 18, 2023

Gladstone’s Manufacturing Hub: Unveiling Remarkable Capacity

Alpha HPA had the distinct honour of participating in an extraordinary gathering at the Gladstone Manufacturing Hub today. Our Site Manager, Matthew Callanan, joined a distinguished group of influential figures to witness first-hand the remarkable local capacity and innovation in the Gladstone region. The atmosphere was charged with energy and enthusiasm, leaving us truly inspired by the possibilities that lie within Gladstone’s manufacturing sector. In this blog post, we share our experiences and reflections from this momentous day.

During our visit to the Gladstone Manufacturing Hub, we had the opportunity to explore the workshops of three manufacturing powerhouses: XTREME ENGINEERING PTY LTD, Berg Engineering Pty Ltd, and Upton Engineering & Manufacturing. The sheer magnitude of their capabilities left us in awe. These small and medium-sized enterprises not only embrace the demands of Industry 4.0 but also thrive and fuel their growth in an ever-evolving landscape. It was a testament to Gladstone’s commitment to innovation and its relentless pursuit of excellence.

One cannot overlook the palpable energy and enthusiasm that permeated the Gladstone Manufacturing Hub. From the moment we stepped foot into the facility, we were greeted by a sense of purpose and determination. The passion displayed by the talented individuals behind these manufacturing enterprises was truly contagious. Their unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies has positioned Gladstone as a beacon of manufacturing excellence.

Amidst the excitement, we would be remiss not to express our deepest gratitude to Jodie Luce for orchestrating such a remarkable day. Jodie’s exceptional organisational skills and attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the event was flawlessly executed. Additionally, we extend our sincere appreciation to the Gladstone Engineering Alliance for their warm hospitality too.

At Alpha HPA, we firmly believe that success is not achieved in isolation but through collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The Gladstone Manufacturing Hub event served as a testament to this belief. With key representatives from Gladstone Ports Corporation Ltd, Fortescue Future Industries, Southern Oil Refineries, Orica, NRG Energy, Shell QGC, Rio Tinto, Boyne Smelters Limited, Santos Ltd, and the Gladstone Industry Leadership Group coming together, the stage was set for meaningful discussions, fruitful partnerships, and collective progress.

The engagement and connections made during this gathering were exceptional. As we reflect on the experience, we are filled with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Collaborating and sharing ideas will be the driving force behind the future success of Gladstone’s manufacturing industry and beyond. Together, we have set the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future, where innovation, collaboration, and manufacturing excellence will continue to thrive.

Media contact: Ellie Blumel – eblumel@alphahpa.com.au or +61 (0) 448 122 948

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