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- May 18, 2023


Rapid, low-cost, ultra-high purity boehmite coatings for cathode and anode active materials to improve performance and safety for lithium-ion batteries. By solving the accessibility of large volume, high purity aluminium nitrate, Alpha HPA has unlocked the potential of fast and

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- May 17, 2023

Advancing Australia’s Green Energy Ambitions: Showcasing Innovation and Government Collaboration in Gladstone

We are grateful for the opportunity to host a site visit of our Gladstone Precursor Production Facility for the Australian Government’s Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth representatives Steve Georganas, Scott Buchholz, Dr David Gillespie, and their support

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- May 16, 2023

Embracing Indigenous Heritage: Unveiling the Path to Inclusive Communities

At Alpha HPA, we believe that understanding and respecting cultural heritage is crucial in building strong and inclusive communities. That’s why we are thrilled to share our management team’s recent participation in the Cultural Heritage Awareness Training, a transformative experience

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- May 11, 2023

Here’s Why MicroLED Display is Next Generation Display Technology

MicroLED display is the next generation technology currently revolutionising the TV and tech display industries. The new technology uses densely packed microscopic LEDs to create individual pixels. They excel in all display performance metrics without the drawbacks of predecessor tech

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- May 8, 2023

How is Aluminium Used in Lithium Ion Batteries in Australia?

Lithium ion batteries make portable power possible. Ubiquitous in our homes and offices, they are now even starting to replace internal combustion engines on the road. Used due to their leading capacity, efficiency, versatility and safety, lithium ion batteries will

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- Apr 21, 2023

Gladstone’s Chanel College Shines at the Australian Hydrogen Grand Prix

The Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre was abuzz with excitement on Friday as the first-annual Australian Hydrogen Grand Prix roared to life. Alpha HPA proudly sponsored the impressive Chanel College team, who put in a fantastic effort to design and prepare

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- Apr 5, 2023

Alpha HPA awarded up to $21.7M Qld Government Grant

Alpha HPA is delighted to share that we have been awarded grant funding up to $21.7 million by the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. This financial and commercial support for the Gladstone-based HPA First Project from

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- Mar 23, 2023

Agreements to enter sapphire glass production with Ebner Group

Alpha HPA is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Ebner-Fametec in the sapphire growth market. With their proprietary crystal growth technology and established industry relationships, they are the ideal partner for us to expand our exposure to the sapphire industry

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